Robert’s short stories, non-fiction articles, book reviews, and letters have been published in several magazines and journals including:

The People’s Friend, Pulse, Funeral Director Monthly, Scunthorpe Telegraph, GP Magazine, BMA News, The Telegraph, Writers Forum, MQ Magazine, Freemasonry Today, InnovAiT,   The Journal, The Journal of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, BMJ, The Telegraph, Pissouri Contact, Way of Life, Popescu Book Club, Grimsby Telegraph, The International Journal of Practical Theology

Newspaper Columnist

From 2010-2016, Robert wrote a weekly column for two regional newspapers in the north of England: the Scunthorpe Telegraph and the Grimsby Telegraph. The columns entwined a health-centred message with interesting and often amusing insights into the world of literature, poetry, philosophy and every-day anecdotes. The newspaper columns were frequently reproduced in Robert’s blog, Musings of a Literary Doctor.

The Journal

From 2012-2016, Robert wrote a monthly column, based on anecdotes from his life as a rural GP, for The Journal, a society magazine for Northern Lincolnshire. In 2014, Robert was appointed as one of the restaurant and hotel reviewers for The Journal.

Other Writing

Robert’s short story, Best of Breed, won the Lincoln Book Festival Prize for Fiction in 2005. His poem, My Neighbour’s Lawn, won the Fathom Prize for Poetry in 2010. Between 2008 – 2009, Robert regularly wrote travel articles for an American travel website Be A Brit Different. In 2002, he contributed to an American film script, Chasing Rainbowsby Denis Lewiston. For several years, Robert wrote pharmaceutical information leaflets and clinical briefing documents for the health information company, Patient Connect. Apart from his first collection of poetry, Robert’s poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines, on the internet, and in two anthologies:

Fathom 10  published 2010, ISBN 978-0-9555950-5- (Featured poem: My Neighbour’s Lawn).

What is Love? published 2011, ISBN 978-0-85781-103-5 (Featured poem: An Intermezzo for Love).