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The Healing Enigma – The Physician-Priest in the 21st Century (Troubador, 2018)

The concept of the physician-priest is an ancient one existing pre-Christianity, and historic references to the role can be found within the majority of religions and across all continents. However, despite a growing body of scientific evidence indicating the value of spirituality, the 20th century medical profession within the Western world has placed religion at arm’s length, effectively excluding such discussion from the medical consultation. Referring to both primary and secondary sources within theological, medical, legal, historic and philosophical literature, Robert puts forward an argument in support of a 21st century role for the physician-priest. He argues that if the physician can exercise the role of priest in addition to their medical role, they can thereby truly minister to the whole person in terms of mind, body and soul. With consideration of modern NHS funding streams, Robert suggests a radical proposal whereby the Church of England and medical educational institutions might combine to offer dual theological and medical training. The result would establish a new breed of professional person ideally positioned in respect to the care of the elderly and those with terminal illness. The Healing Enigma suggests that this not only assists with the provision of ‘whole-person’ care, but also allows the Church to firmly re-establish itself in the 21st century within its Christian healing tradition.

ISBN-13: 978-1789015393

On Quarry Beach – Collected Poems 2008-2013 (Troubador, 2017)

Prize-winning poet Robert Jaggs-Fowler returns with his second collection of poetry, covering the years 2008-2013. The collection draws from life’s rich tapestry, capturing and distilling moments, thoughts and experiences. Within the book the reader finds a particular appreciation of travel, art, nature and philosophy. Ranging in style from the lofty sonnet to the delicate haiku, this collection covers a range of eclectic subjects. Robert takes inspiration from places he has visited, as well as works of art that he has seen, to inform and inspire his poetry, which is simultaneously personal and universally recognisable. On Quarry Beach also contains metaphysical overtones and a smattering of humour to entertain readers. This collection also contains a number of poems that have previously received recognition with ‘My Neighbours Lawn’ winning the Fathom Prize for Poetry in 2010 and ‘Haiku from the Caribbean’ shortlisted in Writing Magazine’s Sea Poetry Competition. Inspired by the work of Ted Hughes, Rudyard Kipling and Philip Larkin, On Quarry Beach is Robert’s second collection of original poems following the success of A Journey With Time (Lulu 2008). This second collection will appeal to a wide readership, especially to fans of poetry and those that have read and enjoyed Robert’s previous work.

ISBN-13: 978-1788033107

Lamplight in the Shadows (Troubador, 2015)

Set in the early 1990s, Dr James Armstrong, a young, newly-qualified GP lives with his wife, Janice, in Barminster, where he is busy laying out plans for their future. However, his search for a medical partnership is complicated by a long-term and persistent sense of being called to ordination in the Church of England. Whilst exploring the possibility of a dual professional life as a doctor and priest, he accepts a position as a locum GP in a practice in the quiet market town of Bishopsworth. Once there, his world is thrown into chaos when he finds himself powerfully drawn to a beautiful young woman, whose own marriage is failing. The result is an emotional drama that brings into focus the underlying difficulties of his own bleak relationship. Torn between his loyalty to his wedding vows and the unexpected discovery of true love, James is left battling powerful emotions that make him question all that he has previously stood for. He needs to make some difficult decisions; decisions that will mean winners and losers. But what is he prepared to sacrifice and at what price? Lamplight in the Shadows explores the complex tensions between perceived duty and misplaced loyalties. With characters drawn from rural society and religious settings, the story will appeal to those who enjoy literary/romantic fiction.

ISBN-13: 978-1784628208 (e-book)
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The Law and Medicine: Friend or Nemesis? (Radcliffe, 2013)

The work draws together a rich tapestry of material across many different disciplines, covering the crucial relationship between medicine and law from the early apothecaries to the modern-day general practitioner.
It presents an invaluable overview of the subject and offers vital background reading to anyone interested in medico-legal medicine, as well as providing a springboard for students of medicine and law interested in researching the field through its remarkable diversity of reference resources.

ISBN-13: 978-1908911995

A Journey With Time – Collected Poems (Lulu, 2008)

‘Poetry can be found in everything we experience within our daily lives, if we can just take a few minutes to listen to the quiet moments between the hectic ones’

Robert’s first collection of poems, the subject matter drawing on his love of nature, travel, books and music, as well as exploring the more intense emotions of love and loss.

ISBN-13: 978-1409228448